This Week’s Inspiration: “Kitchen Centric” by Mick De Giulio

Yesterday I had an appointment with another kitchen designer in Northwest D.C. It was a collaborative appointment, mainly to discuss the planning of his new showroom. He lived in London for twelve years and has resided in D.C. for the last three years. He remains inspired by the kitchens he designed in the U.K. because they were more efficient and lent themselves to the way we all tend to live naturally.

I arrived at our meeting in the middle of a soft light rain, parked my car, and walked into his still unfinished showroom space. Progress so far included a high gloss tile floor and primed walls waiting to be painted. A red coffee “conference” table was surrounded by four white leather Mid-Century modern chairs. On the table were three or four kitchen books, one of which caught my attention immediately: Kitchen CentricThis Week’s Inspiration: "Kitchen Centric" by Mick De Giulio 1, by Mick de Giulio.

kitchen centricOne turn of the page of his new book reminded me of why he so inspires me. He has the “X Factor” among kitchen designers. To illustrate further– per his direct quote from his website:

Design Philosophy

I believe a great kitchen has a magic to it that transforms the physical room into a feeling. People are drawn to that kitchen, and they may not know why. The kitchen sings.

It is my job to write the music. I may call myself a kitchen designer, but what I really do is orchestrate and conduct the dreaming process.

I listen to my clients, absorb, and then jump aboard their excitement, sometimes leading, sometimes following, but always steering that energy into both tangible and intangible – a kitchen that feeds the soul.

– Mick De Giulio

This is exactly how I feel about kitchens and service to my clients.

If de Giulio’s words captivate you as they captivate me, and if you would like to entrance yourself more, visit Mick’s website:

Or better yet, pick up his new book: Kitchen Centric. De Giulio’s kitchens are nothing less than stellar — and as an added plus, no nonsense.

Great design need not be complicated. However, it sometimes requires a bit of not going with the “typical”. And if you open up your mind, you might be surprised what will greet you in your dreams for your new kitchen.

Isn’t dreaming and being open to magic what life is all about?

Sandra Brannock, Owner, Expert Kitchen Designs
Sandra Brannock, Owner, Expert Kitchen Designs, Virginia
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