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What makes EKD stand out from most other design firms is Sandra’s personal, caring, and intuitive approach to working with clients. She comes to the table with a holistic approach, committed to creating a space within your budget. Also, she offers, if desired, the option to work with her husband, Guy Brannock, of Brannock Enterprises—a Class A General Contractor who has 40 years of remodeling and new home building experience. His project cost estimates are totally transparent—every line item’s cost is fully detailed—no “lump” sums!

Finally, if you are unsure what you really want or need for your space, or where to begin, Sandra will help you figure it out. She has a wealth of knowledge and can educate you about the best options to achieve your goals. Her fees are structured hourly or flat fee, so you can use her services as much or as little as you require. This is a reflection of Sandra’s philosophy : It’s not about me—it’s about you.

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