Behind The Scenes

A Kitchen, Bathroom, and Laundry Room Remodel.


1) The existing main window was in an awkward place, and I got her to agree that we needed to remove it to gain flexibility our for approach. Thankfully she agreed.

2) With the window now gone, in order to create distinct focal points on each leg of the perimeter walls, I recommended that we eliminate the square corner and insert a long window between the cooking and clean up areas. The sink and range areas became the focal points, and the tall oven cabinet and refrigerator, supporting actors. We were able to include a long island for prep work and social gathering.

3) The lighting needed much improvement. Although I have some lighting knowledge, I am far from an expert. I reached out to Ann Bissell of Associated Designers. My client engaged her, and I can attest that without Ann’s participation in this project, the results would have somewhat fallen flat.

Master Bathroom

Due to its small footprint and no options for expansion, we decided to choose fixtures and materials that would create a light airy feeling with maximum function.

The integrally lighted Robern medicine cabinets provided storage and the Mirabelle Skirted Sitka 6030 tub offered my client the luxury of a whirlpool/soaking tub with an understated tub deck that was unobtrusive. The latter afforded her ease of access in and out of the tub.

We updated the shower and converted the tall wall shared with bathtub a half wall, thereby creating the illusion of more space. All tile was light in color, and the cabinet a cerused white oak veneer which helped create the feeling of lightness.

Laundry Room

The long narrow space had its limitations, but we made a few crucial decisions up front to streamline the space. The first was committing to Miele integrated washer and dryer units. These are fantastic for smaller footprints as they are no deeper or taller than a standard base cabinet. We were able to create a long countertop housing the sink, washer and dryer, and extra storage on one run.

At the end on the short leg, we incorporated a large 48″ wide and 18″ deep utility cabinet. One side stored miscellaneous items on shelves and the other was partitioned as a broom closet with a cleaning supply storage rack in the back of the cabinet.

In mid-2019, I received an inquiry from a lovely lady who said she wanted to update her Cabin John MD kitchen, master bath and laundry room. In this particular case, my client’s existing kitchen was not bad, just somewhat pedestrian. There was no focal point of interest. Her master bathroom offered a small claustrophobic footprint — but it was still acceptable. Her laundry room, however, was a cluttered mess with no practical or functional storage capacity. Each room presented unique challenges. Below are a few and how we overcame them

Kitchen Before Remodeling