Oakton VA Custom Kitchen Makeover

This proverbial Double Income No Kids (DINKs) couple were tired of their depressing kitchen. It offered no place for friends and family to gather and the cooking area was cramped into the corner. The dark oak cabinets and drawer boxes falling apart when opened further increased the overall frustration and feeling that “this kitchen is hopeless.” At their wits’ end, they made a path my door.

When this couple first came to me, it was obvious that the budget was a big concern. They had listened to advice from many others spanning the subjects of costs, remodeling frustrations, and how to achieve the look they wanted. They were understandably confused and unsure which way to turn.

We sat down together and discussed their expectations. I educated them about the cost elements for their kitchen, including cabinetry choices (which are typically the biggest material cost factor in a kitchen remodeling project). Our conversation immediately eliminated their fear because now they knew what to expect and were ready to embark on the kitchen the remodeling journey.

The first step was to take one last look of what they had endured for years. (Can you imagine anyone trying to do dishes in that very small double bowl sink while someone was taking the pie out of the oven?)
Oakton VA Kitchen Before Remodeling by Sandra Brannock Expert Kitchen Designs

The second challenge for them was deciding upon their style. My second meeting began by visiting their home to solidify this. We discussed other elements in their house that they liked—the furniture, artwork, and color scheme. I asked them: “What makes you feel good?”. After some productive dialogue, CAD drawings and finish comparisons, we settled on a design scheme. We hired a reputable remodeling contractor with whom I had worked.

Here is the final outcome:

Oakton Virginia Custom Kitchen Design by Sandra Brannock

I cannot end this story without giving out thanks to the fabulous remodeling contractor who was exacting in his attention to detail.

What did it cost?

The total cost for this kitchen remodeling project was $46,700.