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Expert Kitchen Designs designs and installs beautiful custom kitchens for homeowners throughout Great Falls, Virginia (zip code 22066), Arlington, Fairfax, Leesburg and other Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC communities.

We believe that the kitchen is the heart of every home. A well-designed kitchen provides a fun, inviting and restorative place for family members to begin and end their days. It is the place where family and friends come together to relax, unwind and enjoy each other’s company. The kitchen is where we are nourished, not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well. Professional kitchen design is an investment in your personal and family happiness that will yield rewards and satisfaction for years to come.

Great Falls VA kitchen remodeling and custom kitchen design

Sandra Brannock, Expert Ktichen Designer, Great Falls, VA

We begin every design project with an in-depth personal consultation where we get to know your tastes, your lifestyle, and define and clarify how you want your future kitchen or bath space to look, feel, and function. Then we develop custom designs and floor plans that will enhance and support your family and lifestyle, today and in future years.

Whatever your preferred style — classic, transitional, traditional, or contemporary — we can design the kitchen and/or bath that will delight you within your budget. Once you have approved the floor plans, custom cabinetry, appliance and other product specifications, we can help ensure that your kitchen or bath remodeling project proceeds smoothly by coordinating the product purchasing, project scheduling and installation details with your architect/interior designer and/or contractor/builder.

Our services include:

  • CAD and/or hand drawings and perspectives
  • Material and finish selections
  • Kitchen appliance and fixtures review and selection
  • Professional field measure of space being designed and final review of the plan in the space

  • Ordering materials (if ordered through Expert Kitchen Designs)

  • Providing carpenters/contractors with specific installation directions
  • Following up in the field and overseeing the project to its completion.

Things to Consider When Remodeling Your Great Falls, VA Kitchen

If you have been compiling your own idea books from pictures found on websites such Houzz, Pinterest, and in the high-end home and kitchen remodeling magazines, you may already have a clear idea of how you want your kitchen and/or bath to look and feel when the remodeling is complete. However, it’s important to also consider how well the remodeled space will fit in with the rest of the house (or at least the adjacent rooms). A modernized kitchen may not harmonize well with a home that features very traditional decor and furniture in all other rooms of the house. When you choose Expert Kitchen Designs as your kitchen and/or bath remodeling company, you can rest assured that we will help ensure that the new remodeled space(s) coordinate well with the rest of your home – from floor plan, to custom cabinets, to appliances.

Kitchen Layout

It’s also important to consider the overall layout or floor plan of your future living space. You want a kitchen that is well-organized, efficient, and easy to navigate. During our initial consultation(s) with you, we will help you consider and answer questions such as:

  • How big do I want my kitchen to be?
  • Can I live with the current floor plan or should the layout be redesigned to make the best and most efficient use of available space?
  • How much countertop space do I need, and where should it be?
  • Do I want a kitchen island? If so, do I want it to have space for seating, a second sink, or a cook top?
  • Where should my refrigerator go so that it’s easy to access, but so that the door doesn’t get in the way of other work space and appliances? How about the oven and microwave?
  • How many sinks do I want? Do I want a prep sink that is separate from the sink where dishes are washed and rinsed? How big should the sinks be, and where should they go?
  • Where should the pantry go?
  • Do I want a bar area with bar stools?
  • What kind of cabinetry do I want? What functions do I need my cabinetry to fulfill? What kind of wood, colors and finishes do I want in my cabinetry?
  • What kind and colors of appliances do I want?

Budget Considerations for Your Kitchen Remodel in Great Falls, VA

During our initial consultation, we will also define your kitchen remodeling budget to ensure that we can build the kitchen you want within your budgetary expectations. Once your budget is determined, we will develop appropriate specs for your kitchen remodeling project that are within your budget, to ensure there are no unforeseen cost overruns as the project progresses and nears completion. We can advise you on the possibilities and options available based on your budget so that you can make informed decisions early in the process.

Why Choose Expert Kitchen Designs for your Great Falls, VA Kitchen Remodel?

Sandra Brannock, Owner, Expert Kitchen Designs

Sandra Brannock, Owner, Expert Kitchen Designs

Sandra Brannock, owner of Expert Kitchen Designs, has designed dozens of custom kitchens for happy clients throughout Northern Virginia communities since 2005. She has been universally praised for kitchen designs that blend form and function perfectly to provide the optimal living experience for your family, professional chefs and not-so-professional cooks!

Expert Kitchen Designs is a family owned business that is committed to delighting our customers with outstanding and personalized design services. If you want a perfect combination of design and function, and you don’t want a standard, cookie cutter kitchen call us today at (703) 801-6402. We can bring your dream to life!

We will help you through every step of the kitchen remodeling process, from creating a realistic budget and project timelines, to choosing the style and layout of the kitchen, to helping you choose the best custom cabinets, countertops, floors, and appliances for your new kitchen.

Ready to begin your kitchen remodeling design project or to install new custom cabinets in your existing kitchen?

Email us at or call (703) 801-6402 to schedule a personal consultation.

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About Great Falls, Virginia

Great Falls, Virginia is an affluent community of approximately 16,000 residents in Fairfax County, Virginia. It was ranked first in the nation of “top earning towns in the United States” by CNN Money in 2011. It is the home of Great Falls Park. The median home cost in Great Falls is $1,071,900.

For more information about Great Falls, Virginia, visit: Wikipedia article about Great Falls, Virginia.