How to Choose a Kitchen SInk

When you begin to think about your kitchen remodel, is the choice of kitchen sink foremost in your mind?

If you are like most people, probably not. Because kitchen sinks are associated with the unglamorous “dirty work” of cleaning up after meals, kitchen sink selection is often done casually, as an afterthought. After all, it is just a sink, right?.

Au contraire! Any sink will not do. In fact, lots of dirty dishes later you, the homeowner, may find yourself regretting your hasty and ill-informed decision, thinking “I wish I had known. . . .”

When I develop kitchen design plans with my clients, I always ask early in the planning process: “What kind of sink do you want?” The response is usually a standard, “Oh, I don’t know . . . I guess a (fill in the blank) type sink.”

Immediately, I begin my “let’s talk about sinks” discussion. The style, function, and size of the kitchen sink are all elements of kitchen planning that my client may not have considered. After we have this discussion, I have found that it sometimes takes clients a few weeks to thoroughly weigh all the options—concluding later that they had no idea this was something that took more time than a few minutes to decide.

If you are about to invest in a sink, and don’t know where to begin, watch Mick de Giulio explain how he designs beautiful and functional kitchen sinks:

Clearly, Mick has considered all the activities that take place in and around the sink — activities that we rarely consider when selecting a sink for our home.

So keep this in mind when you make your kitchen sink purchase, as you may find one or more options out there that will make your “sink duty” a much more enjoyable experience.

And if you must spend a few more dollars to get what you want, I promise you that the first time you use your sink, you will feel they were dollars well spent.

Sandra Brannock, Owner, Expert Kitchen Designs
Sandra Brannock, Owner, Expert Kitchen Designs, Virginia
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