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Bespoke Designs

Your living spaces should reflect your inherent style. As you scroll through our portfolio, note that each space has its unique style setting it apart from the others. Our job is to guide you through the design process aesthetically and technically in the most enjoyable and explorative manner—so that the final outcome mirrors who you are. Importantly, we do my very best to help you imagine living in your space before it is even completed.

Kitchens are my specialty... but I also design other spaces.

Sandra creates beautiful and functional kitchens, beverage areas, bathrooms, laundry and mud rooms integrating classic and unique ideas—and is especially skilled in designing spaces with challenging footprints.

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Happiness is a kitchen that welcomes you.

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Begin your day in a bathroom that inspires you.

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Beverage Areas

A beverage area frees up the kitchen—e​specially for large families. Snacks and beverages can be located in this area as a specific function.

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Laundry rooms are used every day. By improving the function and aesthetics of the space, doing laundry will feel more enjoyable.

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Every family needs a mudroom and storage can be tailored to its particular needs.

From Conception to Completion

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Expert Kitchen Designs has worked on all types of projects around the Greater Washington, D.C. area, and we like to let that work speak for itself. Look at past projects to see how we’ve created beautiful spaces for each client.

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