Selecting Kitchen Finishes: Which Comes First, Cabinet Color, Countertop or Tile Backsplash ?

I liken the title of this article to the chicken or the egg proverb. During the remodeling process, most meticulous homeowners become stuck during the finish selections process. They assume …

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Kitchen Remodeling Advice from Expert Kitchen Designs

Can Your Marriage Survive a Kitchen Remodel?

I recently went on a ski vacation. At Reagan National Airport, before taking off, I performed my typical earnest search for the perfect magazine to entertain me while en route. …

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Reston townhome kitchen corner redesign

Reston Townhome Kitchen Remodel by Expert Kitchen Designs

In September 2013, one of my top-notch renovation builders, Tom Miller of Miller & McIntyre, asked me to assist his clients, Cathy and Mike, with a kitchen design for their …

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Kitchen Design Trends in the Washington DC Metro Area

As 2013 draws to a close, I took a few moments to review all of the kitchen projects I had designed during the past year to see if I could …

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  • DateNovember 22, 2013

The Latest and Greatest Appliances: Kitchen Remodeling Trends and Tips

A few weeks ago I contacted Dennis Trigg , Appliance Specialist at Ferguson Enterprises in Chantilly, Virginia. He graciously afforded me some time to answer a few questions I had …

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How to Choose a Kitchen SInk

When you begin to think about your kitchen remodel, is the choice of kitchen sink foremost in your mind? If you are like most people, probably not. Because kitchen sinks …

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Kitchen Cabinetry Cost Comparisons: Why Do Some Kitchen Cabinets Cost More Than Others?

One of the most common questions I encounter when homeowners are researching kitchen cabinetry options and establishing their kitchen remodeling budget is, “Why does this kitchen cabinet cost so much …

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Kitchen Cabinetry Installation: Choose Your Installer Carefully for Best Quality Outcome

A few weeks ago, I spent a day seeing the completion of two high-end kitchens. Both kitchen projects had cabinetry by the same manufacturer in essentially the same style. The …

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Arlington VA Kitchen Design

Budget-Friendly Arlington Condo Kitchen Remodel

Mara and Suzanne are returning clients of Expert Kitchen Designs who wanted to update the small kitchen in their Arlington condominium before renting it out. I was first introduced to …

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This Week’s Inspiration: “Kitchen Centric” by Mick De Giulio

Yesterday I had an appointment with another kitchen designer in Northwest D.C. It was a collaborative appointment, mainly to discuss the planning of his new showroom. He lived in London …

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7 Reasons Why You Should Hire Expert Kitchen Designs for Your Kitchen Remodel

Throughout my life, in everything I have undertaken, I set the bar high. And when I achieve my goals, I move on to the next one without much grandeur or …

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Prep Sinks and Cleanup Sinks — Why You Might Need Both

With few exceptions, the question: “Should I include a prep sink as well as a cleanup sink in my kitchen?” always arises when planning kitchens for my clients. Many clients …

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Ageless Kitchens and Your Kitchen Remodel

The title of this article has two meanings–both important and relevant to all who use the kitchen. First, for all homeowners, nothing is more rewarding than living day-to-day in a …

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Planning and Collaboration: The Key to Kitchen Remodeling Success

I just received Home & Design magazine’s “Late Spring” issue. I always enjoy opening it and seeing what has debuted lately in the DC/Metro area. What caught my interest this …

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Induction Cooking: Time to Reconsider?

Typically, when I ask my client what type of cooktop or range they will be using, the response is either electric or gas. Few clients realize that there is a …

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How to Choose the Best Kitchen Cabinetry

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Cabinetry for Your Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen cabinetry usually accounts for a significant portion of any kitchen remodeling project. As a professional kitchen designer, I often educate clients about kitchen cabinetry basics: what to look for, …

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Kitchen Cabinetry Finishes 101

As a professional who works with various lines of kitchen cabinetry, I find the biggest indicator of cabinet quality is its finish. Obviously, finish affects overall appearance. But more importantly …

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Top 7 Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Few events are more disruptive, stressful or costly in life than remodeling one’s home. In my career as a professional kitchen designer, I have observed, assisted with and managed numerous …

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Expert Kitchen Designer Sandra Brannock Explains How to Avoid Disappointment in Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

How to Avoid Disappointment With Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

You have heard the horror story a dozen different ways — at a cocktail party, from your neighbor, by the coffee machine with co-workers: the kitchen remodeling project from hell. …

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Oakton Virginia Kitchen Remodel by Expert Kitchen Designs Sandra Brannock

Oakton VA Custom Kitchen Makeover

This proverbial Double Income No Kids (DINKs) couple were tired of their depressing kitchen. It offered no place for friends and family to gather and the cooking area was cramped …

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