The Kitchen Design Process

Sandra Brannock, Expert Kitchen Designer

Sandra Brannock, Expert Kitchen Designer

Design is relevant to everything we do in life. Professional kitchen design helps ensure a satisfactory outcome for your kitchen remodeling project.

The design process begins by evaluating and understanding the present pattern of your family’s activities and anticipating ways you and your family will change and evolve over time. Your kitchen designer will work closely with you to:

  1. Define the scope of your project.
  2. Establish your project’s overall budget and help you define your budget accurately and precisely.
  3. Identify your needs: both conscious needs and desires, and subconscious needs and desires that you may not understand or recognize.
  4. Explore, identify and define your unique style preferences.

EKD can provide the following a la carte services based upon your specific needs:

  1. Assist you in making your product selections (as many as needed) or work with your interior designer or architect if they are making those selections for you.
  2. Produce detailed CAD and hand drawings to illustrate clearly what your kitchen will look like.
  3. Take responsibility for all fixtures and appliances to be compatible with field conditions.
  4. Coordinate and communicate with contractor and trade professionals to ensure that the installation proceeds smoothly with the least possible disruption to household routines.

In short, I can advise and assist you from beginning to end.

Universal Design Considerations

Universal design principles ensure that your kitchen will be accessible and usable by people of varying ages, sizes and abilities.

Universal Design should be considered if:

  1. You plan on staying in your home for a long time and/or

  2. You wish to have family members of all ages and sizes live comfortably in your home environment.

Adoption of Universal Design principles makes it easier and less stressful for kitchen activities to be performed by family members of all ages and abilities, including those in a wheelchair. This design approach does not mean your space will look like an ADA commercial space; on the contrary, some of the most beautiful kitchens can embrace Universal Design principles.