Craftsman Home Kitchen Remodel – Arlington VA

In early 2017, I met with a lovely client contemplating the redesign of her kitchen. The kitchen was circa early 2000’s. Cherry cabinets craftsman style with upgraded appliances. The kitchen was not “bad” per se. But my client was not thrilled with the peninsula and the column segregating the kitchen from the living room.

And so she engaged me to draft up a plan that would open up the kitchen to the living room. In this particular case, we knew that the structural modification to do so required engineering, so she consulted with Thomas French Architect, who had originally designed the home, to do so.

The redesign was straightforward with the goal of creating two main focal points in the kitchen: the sink window and the refrigerator/double oven wall.

In the living room, we reworked the fireplace by applying a neutral silver ledgestone that coordinated well with the kitchen backsplash–a silver travertine.