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Expert Kitchen Designer Sandra Brannock Explains How to Avoid Disappointment in Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

How to Avoid Disappointment With Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

You have heard the horror story a dozen different ways — at a cocktail party, from your neighbor, by the coffee machine with co-workers: the kitchen remodeling project from hell. …

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Oakton Virginia Kitchen Remodel by Expert Kitchen Designs Sandra Brannock

Oakton VA Custom Kitchen Makeover

This proverbial Double Income No Kids (DINKs) couple were tired of their depressing kitchen. It offered no place for friends and family to gather and the cooking area was cramped …

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Monkton Maryland Farmhouse Custom Kitchen Design

An interior designer, with whom I had successfully collaborated before, approached me about this 140-year-old brick whole farmhouse renovation which included a small outdated kitchen. The entire project was formidable …

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Fauquier County kitchen remodel by Expert Kitchen Designs Virginia

Fauquier County Kitchen Remodel

This circa late ‘70s /early ‘80s kitchen became the main focus for a husband and wife, both married for a second time. The short story: for a brief time, this …

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